Bereavement Support

At Comfort Hospice we understand that grief is a journey. The goal of our Bereavement Program is to help guide you along this journey and support you as you learn how to adjust to life without your loved one. We know that the road of grief can be long, lonely and overwhelming at times. Comfort Hospice is committed to supporting you during your journey of grief and loss. Whether you are a surviving loved one of a Comfort Hospice patient or a member of the community, our services are designed to address your unique grief needs.

Bereavement Support Resources:

Comfort Hospice Services

Our services may include:

Grief and Loss Support Groups

Comfort Hospice would like to introduce our new eight-week support group series, Journey Towards Healing. In addition to our weekly ongoing open support group, this new series is a curriculum-based program that will provide individuals with a foundational understanding of the grief process. Groups are open to the public and free of charge. Contact your local office to inquire about joining a group. 

The eight-week series will cover the following topics:

  • Week 1: What is Grief?
  • Week 2: Myths of Grief
  • Week 3: Tasks of Mourning
  • Week 4: Honoring/Remembering Your Loved One
  • Week 5: Grief vs. Depression
  • Week 6: Anniversaries and Holidays
  • Week 7: Self Care
  • Week 8: Moving Forward

 for additional Bereavement and Support Resources, visit NHPCO.